Travel Bites: Deal Hunting, Airport Escorts & More!

No matter your flight status, indulging in an airport escort/concierge can make any check-in experience better. A good look at who in the US offers this service so you don’t have to deal with the madness. [BA]

It’s official. We are in LOVE with Deal Ray, a new service that shoots error fares and freakishly low flight deals directly to your mobile, often before popular websites publish them. Get it here.

The New York Times introduces us to Special Globe, a new travel website dedicated to families who love to travel and have children with special needs. Dope! [NYTimes]

With the new Four Seasons mobile app, the power is literally in your hands. Seriously. [Flyer Talk]

Maintaining a health vegetarian/vegan diet on the road can be difficult, some tips on remaining on track. [T+L]

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