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Parlour Jams!: Hawaii’s Golden Sunsets With DJ Darling Chuck


Parlour loves music and travel so we’re combining those themes with travel-based DJ mixes and this week Darling Chuck made a mellow groove that was inspired by her recent trip to Hawaii. I’ve never been—I know, I’m a bad Californian—but Darling Chuck’s Parlour Jams! mix called “Aloha Bae Vibez” makes me want to rent a jeep and drive along a gorgeous coastline while talking shit with my friends. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear and are in New York City or Los Angeles, make sure to hit the next Makossa cookout party! Catch all the details here.

Learn more about Darling Chuck and where you can catch her spinning across the country here and follow her on at @DarlingChuck. Know a Parlour-worthy DJ, email me at Hillary@parlourmagazine.com!

Image via Villa Villa.

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