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Travel Bites: Frugal Hong Kong, In-Flight Wifi Wins & More!

Remember when we listed Istanbul as our top Fall getaway for solo ladies? Here are 10 great money-saving tips to remember when visiting the gem of Turkey. [Guardian]

If you’re like us, you know that Gogo’s in-flight wifi is anything but high-speed on flights. But it looks like change is a’ coming and emails will finally go out on time! [Skift]

A digital detox paired with an awesome trip is pretty much a no-brainer. Here are 5 great travel ideas for those who want to unplug and tune-in with themselves. [T&L]

Think airplane bathrooms are the dirtiest place on the plane? Makes sense. But the tray tables apparently are pretty filthy too. Safe travels and grab some antibacterials wipes on the way as this video breaks down the dirtiest spots on the flight. [USAToday]

Hong Kong is arguably one of the easiest places to spend money as one of Asia’s epicenters of luxe. Ball out if you can, our get into this Frugal Traveler guide to saving money and seeing the city on more intimate terms. [NYTimes]

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