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A Playa Largo Preview: Two Decades In The Making

Whether you’re air-kissing and gallery perusing in December for Basel or chasing the summer sun and re-centering at The Standard, you love and have done Miami, Florida. And it’s going to always be there for you to go again and again. But just miles south of South Beach is a whole ‘nother culture of chill called the Florida Keys. Famous for its free-spirited lifestyle, water sports and diving, seafood, wildlife and historical watering holes preferred by Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, the Keys are also home to some amazing resorts and its newest is Playa Largo Resort & Spa, scheduled to open next year and nestled in the closest island to the mainland—Key Largo. After getting a sneak peak at the property recently it’s clear that Playa Largo is all things #TravelFly and here is why:

Because it’s been 20 years in the making.
Situated on a former naturalist and campground area, the Playa Largo’s $100 million dollar buzz as the “new hotel” to watch for in South Florida is well deserved, as it the first Key Largo hotel to be built in a 20 year span and the newest addition to the Marriott brand’s Autograph Collection, which are chosen for a property’s unique character and personality. Until now, Key Largo was the first and more “quiet” of the islands, favored for it’s state parks and reserves, scuba diving and generally laid back approach—traditionally a nice stop on your way to Marathon or Key West. With the opening of Playa Largo, Key Largo’s proximity to both the Miami Airport and South Beach creates a new luxe for the entire area, with enough time for a Miami shopping/nightclub jaunt if you wish.

Because “chill” and “luxury” are best friends.
It would be too easy to confuse Playa Largo’s 167 water view rooms, 10 private bungalows and private three-bedroom beach house (perfect for small weddings) for one large luxury resort next to the water that you’ve “seen” before. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear that Playa Largo’s relaxed approach to South Florida luxury makes for a truly uniquely chill experience. An interior design by The Gettys Group (The Belamar, The Henry), evening fire-pit sessions, ceviche and rum bar tastings, and a DIY coral/salt scrub bar at the Ocean Spa for some self-indulgence are just the start of a long list of features, amenities and activities designed for whatever your heart desires, minus the stuffiness and with shoes being somewhat optional. But yes, you can still arrive by (and park) your yacht right on the dock!

Because after seafood galore, you’ll want a steak.
There are two guarantees for any Florida Keys getaway—key lime pie and plenty of seafood. At Playa Largo, Sol by the Sea and the Las Olas Ceviche bar will be your home-base to indulge in all things butterflied, grilled and sautéed from the water, and then it will hit you: you want a steak. A good one that makes you chair dance. And because Playa Largo boasts the only steakhouse in the Florida Keys, you will make your way over to Flagler’s with its wet-aged meats and pat yourself on the back for making the decision to stay between bites.

Because you can do good and feel even better.
It’s no secret that a hotel can put a strain on it’s local environment, hence those informative little towel and sheet reuse cards found in rooms around the world. Thankfully, Playa Largo found some creative ways to lessen it’s impact and protect Key Largo’s famed flora and fauna in the process. From the preservation of the original land’s indigenous trees and bushes which are home to local wildlife and a partnership with the local Coral Restoration Foundation to the integration of a property-wide food composting and grey-water program, it’s comforting to know that Playa Largo’s commitment is ongoing with every guest’s impact lessened by thoughtful design.

Playa Largo is currently accepting reservations for March 2016 onward with room rates starting at $299 and up. In addition to all the leisure listed above, the resort also boasts a full-scale business and work center for when you need to check in. If you plan on booking the private beach house (call for rates), just note that the entire Parlour crew makes for excellent houseguests. #TravelFly!

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