Travel Bites: Mileage Vacations, Native Travel & More!

If you’re looking to step your #TravelFly Instagram game WAY up, these locales look more like a science-fiction film, no green-screen necessary. [CNT]

When it comes to booking—and then canceling—hotel rooms, the rules are changing. New fees are popping up and the fine print is getting…finer? [NYT]

New rules are in effect when it comes to the TSA and who can, and can refuse to go through a bid scanner. [CNN]

Interested in exploring America’s original culture? A new resource dedicated to Native American destinations and attractions has made it’s debut. [TN]

It’s no secret that we’re all about racking up miles and points…but what can you actually do with them? Splurge…all the way. Here are some luxe vacations ideas, all using your miles. [T&L]

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