Travel Bites: Reward Changes, Boutique Finds, Fair Fees & More!

Though overused, the term ’boutique hotel’ still applies to some amazing gems around the world—finding most of them is an adventure in itself. For those who want a unique stay (like Bali’s Alila Villas Uluwatu above) start with these 10 best boutique hotel websites. [Guardian]

The clearest breakdown we could find on all of the 2016 changes for airline and hotel reward programs. [NYTimes]

See Tracey? We told you to bring more money to Cuba. What happens when you run on our funds in a country where everyone can use an ATM…everyone but you. [BTA]

No one likes to pay an extra fee after coughing up money for an airline ticket, but some fees are worth it for a better flight, like more legroom. Here’s an easy guide on when to spend. [USAToday]

A beautiful case for always choosing the window seat. [BBC]

Financial losses, corruption, route closing…flying South Africa Airways anytime soon? Read this. [Skift]

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