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Get On Your Game At Club Med Sandpiper Bay

“Damn Its Hot.”

I’m standing on the tiniest of platforms about 30 feet in the air and about to jump…and the only thing I can think of is the heat. Because jumping off this platform while holding onto a bar to swing and eventually turn upside down into a trapeze move is strangely the least of my worries—I’m more concerned if I put on enough facial suncreen to make it through all the sweat that is going to come from my forehead today. I’m not really concerned that the closest I’ve ever come to the flying trapeze is jumping off of Jamaican cliffs (does that count?) and that I’ve never actually seen anyone with my curvy body actually on a flying trapeze.

I hear the command, jump, swing and 4 seconds later I’m upside down and now hanging just from my legs. I then swing my body up, let go and then get caught by the safety net and flip over to my feet firmly planted on the ground like a normal human being.

Surprisingly enough, it was the easiest activity of my entire weekend, largely due to the fact that my “mini-training” was facilitated by three specialized trainers from the Flying Trapeze and Circus School of my resort. The same resort where I had completed an intense tennis lesson with two professional players turned coaches (Rafa, Rasheed…thank you!) and learned I had a great backhand, beach volleyball with a current professional player who was prepping for a NVL tournament, a HITT workout with another athletic conditioning coach and Vinyasa yoga with a woman I can only describe as a modern day yoga deity with great thighs. By the time I got to trapeze, a long-forgotten confidence that I had was in full effect, my active mojo was back and I was feeling very much up on my game. Because I was at Club Med Sandpiper Bay and no matter the activity—around here everyone is on their game.

Whether your game is tennis, golf, cycling, triathlon, overall athletic/physical conditioning, volleyball, yoga or even sun worshiping and relaxation (which is also a sport according to Parlour!)—if you like it, chances are there is someone at Club Med Sandpiper who loves it, so much that they’ve made it their professional passion and have won awards at it, and they want to teach you and your family how to get better at it. This particular Club Med property is home to what is commonly known as an “active vacation” and for a family that values fun and fitness, it’s better than Disney World.*

Club Med? Yes, Club Med
If you’re an eighties baby like myself, the name Club Med is synonymous with private club getaways in exotic locales with European jetsetters, the original (and sexier) all-inclusive blueprint for the Sandals/Dreams/Beaches brands of modern times. But in reality, Club Med and it’s 67 villages all over the world have been a haven for active, vacationing families for over sixty years.

A part of Club Med’s appeal is it’s ease once you enter. Because you have paid for everything, including your meals and activities, before you set foot on the property there is little need for extra cash and whether you have pre-scheduled your activities or just going with the flow—there is always something to do and someone to do it with, namely the Club Med’s “GOs” or Gentils Organisateurs (Gracious/Nice Organizers), who are ready to play, eat and drink alongside the “GMs”, or Gentils Membres (Gracious/Nice Guests/Members) aka you and your family. At first, this concept was strange to me but after seeing the process in action it can actually be a bonus for families, especially those with smaller children. Because if mommy can steal some quiet moments with wine and her thoughts while a GO and the kids have a lively dinnertime conversation, mommy is winning and all is right with the world.

Unlike other all-inclusive properties who tend to offer a lot but in reality are providing the bare minimum of quality and service, I found myself impressed with Sandpiper Bay’s commitment to detail from my welcome to the products, serviced and amenities offered—from the grounds to the food to the staff. I’ll admit, I slept on Club Med—but as I move into a personal phase (marriage, etc) where a luxurious yet delicate 44th floor suite just won’t work, I just may have found a new go-to brand for international family vacay time. (next page)

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