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Ten Ways To Stay Fit On The Go

“Athleisure” is may not officially be in the dictionary, but most of us are probably wearing Ivy Park with sleek aviators casually, rather than actually working out in it. True, Summer is just around the corner, but incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life is imperative beyond travel. We all make excuses for not taking care of our body and soul—eating healthier costs too much money, working out takes up too much time, etc—and for those with wanderlust on the brain, the excuses can easily pile up. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps, devices, and gear to help us stay fit on the go. Here are 10 favorites to get started with:


Smart Rope [link]
The FitBit of jump ropes, this LED embedded rope counts jumps and syncs to the Smart Gym app. You can also choose between chrome, silver, or black handles or pick from a rainbow of colors for silicone handles. And of course it’s small enough to pack in your suitcase or weekender.

Pear Sports [link]
Beyond simply tracking your data, the Pear Sports app turns that data into personalized coaching sessions via interactive audio and offers hundreds of workouts.


Headspace [link]
Mental health is just as important as physical health. In ten minutes, you can regroup and reboot with guided sessions. After your first 10 sessions, you can unlock a portal of specialized meditations with a membership.

Bellabeat [link]
Move over FitBit! The Bellabeat is an all-around health tracking device for women that monitors daily activity, sleep, mindfulness, and your menstrual cycle. Unlike most fitness trackers, it guides and trains your mind how to meditate and suggests certain activities during your menstrual cycle. One order includes the LEAF, bracelet, and necklace for alternative styling.


TRX Fit Suspension Trainer [link]
In just 60 seconds, you can set up the TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere. This set includes the suspension trainer, door anchor, suspension anchor, setup video, mesh bag, and workout poster and weighs just one pound.

MyFitnessPal [link]
I know, I know – all you want to do on vacation is sip rum punch and relax beachside. And yes vacation is the time to indulge, but there’s nothing wrong with tracking your eating habits while on sabbatical. MyFitnessPal aims to journal your eating habits rather than putting you on a diet, ultimately aiding in weight loss and healthier consumption.


Nike + Training Club [link]
The motto is simple: “Train wherever, whenever”. There are over 100 workouts including HIIT, pilates, and yoga for your to train with pros, get nutritional advice, and share your stats with friends. After hours on a plane or train, it’s important to get the body moving. Plus exercise can help shake jet-lag. There are several workouts included that don’t require any gear.

Stop, Breathe, & Think [link]
Stop, Breathe, & Think is another meditation app but allows you to select from 15 meditations based off your current emotion and general well-being. So before you spazz out on your Uber driver for continuously going to the wrong terminal, Stop, Breathe, & Think.  

Daily Yoga [link]
Daily Yoga is an amazing app that has beginners, intermediate, and advanced yoga lessons. Yoga is a great way to exercise on the go because it requires no gear and it stretches the limbs after a long day of travel. Many programs are free or you can choose premium to unlock all the lessons for $17.99/annually.


S’well Bottle [link]
Ok, this one isn’t an app or fancy tech gadget but it aids in the most vital parts of our body which is water! S’well bottles come in chic designs and they’re perfect for travelling because keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. And it saves money in the long run when you compare the cost of one bottle of water in the airport.

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