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A Tour of Morocco’s Magic

Take a trip throughout some of the major cities of Morocco with Alona Ballard aka Honey In The Desert, a lively travel maven who has been living in the U.A.E. since 2010, and moved to the desert nation to teach English from Cincinnati, Ohio. Says Alona:

A friend of mine here, kinda like an auntie to me, she invited me to her son’s wedding in Morocco. Her son is American and he fell in love with a Moroccan woman he met at work.

At first, I thought “I can’t afford to go to the wedding.. nice thought, but….” and then, I saw an article about Daisy Llewellyn of the show “Blood, Sweat & Heels” passing away at the age of just 36. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks because I’m 39. How blessed am I to have EVEN seen this many years on the Earth and life is short and for some of us (unbeknownst to us) it could be really, really short. You just never know.

So I clicked the mouse on my ticket booking like tomorrow isn’t promised. 

The wedding was what LURED me to Morocco but I decided to see more than just the city of Rabat where the bride is from. I went to Casablanca, home of the beautiful King Hassan II Mosque, Marrakech, which has the ginormous open air shopping district, Jemma al Fnaa, Chefchaouen, the “blue city” up in the Rif Mountains and the little known town of Legzira Beach. Legzira was on the itenerary simply because of a photo I saw on Pinterest of a rock arch that I felt that I HAD to take a picture at. 

During the trip I stayed in AirBnBs with the most amazing families. One family even let me borrow a Moroccan dress for the wedding. I mean how cool is that. A total stranger comes in your house and you let them wear your clothes. I’ll be honest..I wouldn’t. 

My trip to Morocco restored my faith in humanity, reignited my wanderlust and forever changed me in so many ways.

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