Travel Bites: The New Luxe AirBnb, A VAT Breakdown & More!

Love the home-feeling of Airbnb but want to boost the luxe factor? Say hello to Le Collectionist. [CN Traveller]

A breakdown on when to drive for all the Thanksgiving road warriors. See you on the road! [NYTimes]

Like to drive? These U.S. highways may require a barf bag and a bible—no big deal. [Parachute]

Simply one of the best breakdowns we’ve read about shopping in Europe, the VAT and getting some of that money back! [TravelPulse]

No matter if you are a travel pro or novice, those little noises that airplanes make can unravel anyone. Check out this audible guide to every little ding and buzz you hear when flying—and what it means. [Smithsonian]

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