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Hotel Love: The Zen Oasis @ Club Med Punta Cana

Thursday, 4pm
I’ve been obsessed with bubble baths since I was a kid.

Blame it on being a 80’s kid who used to let the “Calgon Take Me Away” lady feed many a young “rich girl” fantasy. So as my friend Africa is busy chatting away about the view from our shared bath, I’m focusing on adding more bath oil to our experience. It’s not until a few minutes later when I immediately regret that decision thanks to the mountain of suds that is starting to surround us block our view of the Dominican Republic coastline. So what to do? We already knew that Idalisa and Nani, our two masseuses and bath attendants would walk in at any minute on our small mess, so like two school girls we just sat there, blew some bubbles and laughed hysterically. And this is when I realized that I was on the best “honeymoons” ever with one of my best friends at one of the last places on my radar—The Zen Oasis at Club Med Punta Cana.

A property within a property, the Zen Oasis is the adults-only outpost of the Dominican Republic Club Med locale. But unlike the “quiet areas” or “18+” zones you may find at other Club Med or all-inclusive properties, the Zen Oasis is an entirely different section of the resort, complete with it’s own architectural and design style, pool, lounge and bar. And it’s there that the idea, the intention of the Zen Oasis comes to life. Ideally, with the exception of venturing to the main property to eat or workout, a girlfriend or couples getaway to The Zen Oasis will leave you thinking that you are in an entirely different world all together, beyond Club Med. This starts when you enter and exit the area through a large modern stone and wood archway, which (in my opinion) also takes off an extra 10lbs once you pass through and enter a world where rosé flows freely, your favorite tunes play in surround sound (even in the shower), sunbathing is a sport and a fancy bath and massage with the beach as your backdrop is totally normal for a Thursday.

Rather than keep this to myself, here is a breakdown on why the Zen Oasis definitely needs to be on your own “take me away” radar:

The Rooms
No matter if it’s your bestie or your boo, a good room for two is all about enough space for each person. Fortunately, the Deluxe Zen rooms at the Zen Oasis are thoughtfully designed with double vanities and closets and ample space for everything you can think of, from cameras to clothing along with a terrace complete with a lounge area and daybed for private sunbathing with views of the pool. Since Africa and I don’t really know how not to overpack, the room’s design made it so that we both had our space and more for all of our products and baubles. And since the rooms also offer Bluetooth connectivity, you can rock your favorite “getaway” playlist with true surround sound, even in the shower. Beyond the room’s layout, the Zen Oasis walks away from the traditional muted pastels and primary colors of traditional Club Med rooms to feature a more modern approach to interior design that thoughtfully involves natural wood and textures, with vibrant reds and golds and mosaic tile that creates a very South Beach meets Tulum style vibe. For a quick tour, peep the video below:

The Spa
While Club Med’s Creactive Space was beckoning us to explore our wild side, it was the L’Occitane Spa that truly captured our attention. Featuring a standard set of treatments to include facials, scrubs, massages, and more, it’s ocean-facing balconies in the massage and spa tub rooms in addition to it’s beach-side villas, private relaxation pool and caring staff made for an unforgettable experience. And all of L’Occitan’s cult products are available in their boutique for purchase. A total personalized and “zen like” experience from the first footbath to the last touch of massage. Just don’t add extra bubbles.

The Food
As the Zen Oasis is still a part of the full Club Med Punta Cana property, meals are an opportunity to explore the full campus, engage in some prime people watching and indulge in a global selection of cuisine with the views of the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop. Here is where Club Med’s French heritage comes to life as all meals offer touches of the French palette, so there is plenty of rich, whole flavor to go around but the selection stays balanced for light and heavy eaters alike. And thanks to our location’s close proximity to Haiti and the heavy presence of Haitian staff (everyone eats together, Club Med staff and guests alike) there was plenty of Lambi, Poule en Sauce and more to try along with classic Dominican staples. During our stay, Africa and I developed a particular fondness for the Indigo Beach Restaurant, Bar and Lounge, just for the views and decor alone, and it became our preferred spot to unwind after every meal and our late-day haven after our long day volunteering in one of the nearby batey communities. In the evenings, for a better view and al-fresco dining, upgrade to a VIP seating and table service with the addition of a bottle of wine from La Cave, Club Med’s exclusive wine cellar. Though the property only has three main restaurants, the addition of the La Cave areas offer a nice option for day versus night dining, a total plus for the typical all-inclusive meal experience.


Africa And I enjoying the sun at the Indigo Beach Lounge, where we we were asked to informally model some jewelry by another Club Med guest! Definitely check out Los Vados de Isen when you are in Buenos Aires!

The Vibes
Club Med’s reputation as a haven for stylish families is very much a part of any visit and Punta Cana was no different. There are a bevy of pools and beach areas to choose from, including the adults-only Zen Beach with their cabana-like seats and prime views. There is a full schedule of daily shows, classes and sport activities for kids and adults alike and every night, the bars and lounges come alive with a series of programming that ranges from live, family-friendly shows with the “GOs” to a series of cocktail parties on the grounds that are packed with grown folks ready to have a good time.


Time to party. Beach party that is.

But the highlight has to be the beach parties. Because grooving to house music on a beach with some champagne in your hand and a 30+ year old on your left and a 3 year old on your right is possibly one of the best things you will witness in your party life. And it’s truly Club Med. When it time to leave the larger family scene behind, the Hibiscus Bar & Lounge in the Zen Oasis is there for a few nightcaps, good music and a chill atmosphere to settle down with, or you can always take it back to your own private terrace and keep the vibe going until the sun rises.

In all, this is the highlight of the Zen Oasis—the benefit of choice. I was able to speak to some of our fellow Oasis lovers and they all agreed that it’s the ability to have the full, lifestyle-led all inclusive experience that Club Med offers, plus a layer of easy, modern and private luxury that keeps them coming back to escape for just a few more days. And that’s exactly what we wanted when we were in our SUV back to the airport, just a few more days.

For more information about the property, click this linkhttps://www.clubmed.us/r/Punta-Cana/y

To see more of our IG feed from our long weekend, head herehttps://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/travelflyclubmed/

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