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The Travel Seven: Elisia Brown

Name: Elisia Brown
Home City/Country: London, United Kingdom
Occupation: Editor
Website/Social: Instagram: @elisiatraveller
Passport Stamps Include: Morocco, Tunisia, Cuba, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany, France, Spain, Malta, USA, Jamaica, United Kingdom and the UAE

1. My best travel memory so far is… Travelling alone on an overnight sleeper train 20 hours or so across China from Shànghăi to Guìlín. I was lethargic and had a bit of a rough sleep on board (the bunkbeds were on the hard side), but it was all worth it when I finally arrived at my destination. I avoided the scam bus ticket touts and hopped on a local bus to Yángshuò and eventually started seeing mountains and paddy fields on my journey. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited on earth.

2. My favorite hotel & why… The Bamboo House Inn in Yángshuò. They offered dirt cheap bike rentals to explore the local town, were airy and roomy and was located very close to the Li river.

3. My must-haves on any flight are… Silk headscarf, a complimentary flight Gin & Tonic, a book/magazine and deeply moisturising face cream.

4. When I’m on the road, I absolutely hate… Traffic and negative energy.

5. My dream destination or vacation is… New Orleans.

6. The three things I can’t travel without are… A camera, money and a bottle of water.

7. The top lesson I’ve learned while traveling is… Embrace the unexpected.

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